Sep 6, 2010

Google hacking

Google stores a large amount of information in their databases related with all the websites indexed on Internet. We can consult those indexes at a given time to localize specific information.

The term Google hacking is refered to the fact of using certain searches, as well known as queries, to detect or find different types of information, such as hidden directories, sensitive data, passwords, credit card numbers, vulnerabilities, exploits, etc. These actions can be made through Google search or other applications based on this search engine.

For example, to locate websites that offer directory listings we can use the next query:


If we are examining a concrete website to look at whether it has got some hidden directory, we can also add the URL:


Handle these techniques correctly is very important to develop a good security audit, since this form we can find and revise security breaches that can be used by an attacker.

intitle:"index.of" (inurl:temp | inurl:tmp | inurl:private | inurl:admin)

intext:(password | passcode | pass) intext:(username | userid | user)


filetype:c exploit

“Microsoft-IIS/5.0 server at”

We have been able to view that Google hacking is not an intrusive hacking method, since we can gather sensitive information without sending a single TCP packet against the target site.

There are lots of books written about the topic, and there is also a website named Google Hacking Database which contains many examples.

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