Mar 12, 2011

System monitoring with nmon

Nmon is another interesting monitoring tool for Linux systems which can present many information related to the CPU, memory, network, etc. through an organized screen.

I have tested the 13g version on Ubuntu Server 10.10. When you start the application, this shows you a little menu with different options, in order to configure your own monitoring panel.

The next figure is a dump of my setting. I have used CPU utilization by processor, memory and swap stats, kernel stats and load average, network and disk input/output and top processes.

And finally, also say that with nmon you can take the data and dump them into a CSV file. For instance, in the following case I have run nmon in background to capture the data each 5 sg and a total of 200 times. Besides I have specified the file name with the '-F' option.

root@ubuntu-server:~# nmon -t -F `hostname`.csv -s 5 -c 200

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