Aug 30, 2011

Avira AntiVir Personal on Linux (II)

Once we have installed DazukoFS on the system - Avira AntiVir Personal on Linux (I) -, we are going ahead with the installation of Avira AntiVir

[root@centos tmp]# wget

[root@centos tmp]# tar xvzf antivir_workstation-pers.tar.gz ; cd antivir-workstation-pers-

The installation process is carried out by means of a bash script. After agreeing the license, the installer asks if we want to create a link for avupdate-guard.

[root@centos antivir-workstation-pers-]# ./install
Would you like to create a link in /usr/sbin for avupdate-guard ? [y]
linking /usr/sbin/avupdate-guard to /usr/lib/AntiVir/guard/avupdate-guard ... done

Then the script can establish a cron task (/etc/cron.d/avira_updater) for automatic updates.

Would you like to setup Scanner update as cron task ? [y]
What time should updates be done [00:15]?
creating Scanner update cronjob ... done

The previous task checks if there is any update related to the scanner, engine or vdf files. On the contrary, if you accept the next request, the Guard module will be also updated periodically.

Would you like to check for Guard updates once a week ? [n]

setup internet updater complete

Next step takes care of installing DazukoFS. Due to this operation was previously accomplished, it will not be necessary to repeat it.

Preinstalled dazukofs module found on your system.

Would you like to reinstall dazukofs now ? [y] n
Dazukofs module is loaded

Through the following question, you can specify what directories must be protected by AntiVir Guard. I have selected the default option. Later, you may change this choice or add more directories by editing the fstab file.

Watch out with this selection, because regardless of the antivirus used, when you set up an on-access daemon, you have to avoid certain directories such as /sys, /proc, /root or directly /.

Guard will automatically protect all directories which are mounted upon dazukofs filesystem.

Please specify at least one directory to be protected by Guard to add in /etc/fstab : [/home]
The following directories will be protected by Guard:

Then the installer verifies if the quarantine directory exists. This directory is used to isolate a suspect or infected file, so as to be able to repair it later.

Would you like to create /home/quarantine ? [y]
creating /home/quarantine ... done

Afterwards, you are asked if you want to make a link to AntiVir Guard and whether it should be automatically activated at system start.

Would you like to create a link in /usr/sbin for avguard ? [y]
linking /usr/sbin/avguard to /usr/lib/AntiVir/guard/avguard ... done

Please specify if boot scripts should be set up.
Set up boot scripts ? [y]

With the last step, we run AntiVir Guard.

Would you like to start AVIRA Guard now? [y]
Starting AVIRA AntiVir Workstation Personal ...
Starting: avguard.bin

After ending up the installation, it is highly recommended to perform a complete update of the application.

[root@centos ~]# avupdate-guard --product=Guard

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  1. I'll install Avira antivirus, so that my laptop protected from malicious virus infections, thanks for the guide to install.